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Evolution of  T
Therapeutic Spiritual Healer

Release, Shift, Heal


Meet Terra

Terra is a psychic medium, and therapeutic healer whom is able to connect with your Higher Self and provide insight and guidance. She is able to communicate with any spiritual energies that are attached to you, help you clear and align your spiritual pathways, and assist you in fueling your body with universal and angelic energy to help your mind, body, and soul heal itself naturally. 

Areas of Expertise

Everyone asks or wonders “Why am I here, What’s my purpose?” After tons of shadow work and inner self-reflection, we find the courage to invest the time and energy to align with our soul purpose. Terra has the Divine gifts of Order and Compassion and her purpose is to help heal the collective and teach others the importance of loving themselves. Healing is a process that never ends but getting over the fear of recognizing it, is half the battle.

Psychic Medium

Therapeutic Healer

Spiritual Blueprint Developer

Anscestral Council

Helping Crossover

Rites of Passage

Nikki Jae

What Clients Say

"Terra is an incredible healer. I am able to speak my truth, trust myself, and live in my power. She helped me see that I can be unapologetically me. There was no hiding with her. My life has shifted in a way I can't even explain. In my 90 day journey, Terra helped me work through traumas, past life regressions, clearing blocked chakras, improving my relationships, and most important healing the one with myself. Terra will always have a special place in heart. I absolutely recommend Terra to anyone who is ready and opened for their healing journey."

Christina Bondar


"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

Yung Pueblo

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